Adequate Porn Watcher AI

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    Adequate Porn Watcher AI is a working title for an AI to watch and model all porn ever found on the Internet to police porn for contraband and especially to protect humans by exposing digital look-alike attacks.

    An adequate implementation should be nearly free of false positives, very good at finding true positives and absolutely able to process more porn than is ever uploaded.

    The purpose of the APW_AI is providing safety and security to its users, who can briefly upload a model they've gotten of themselves and then the APW_AI will either say nothing matching found or it will be of the opinion that something matching found.

    If people are able to check whether there is synthetic porn that looks like themselves, this causes synthetic hate-illustration industrialists' product lose destructive potential and the attacks that happen are less destructive as they may be exposed by the APW_AI and thus decimate the monetary value of these disinformation weapons to the criminals.

    Looking up if matches are found for anyone else's model is forbidden and this should probably be enforced with a facial biometric app that checks that the model you want checked is yours and that you are awake.

    If you feel comfortable to leave your model with the good people at the benefactor for safekeeping you gets alerted and help if you ever get attacked with a synthetic porn attack.

    People who openly do porn can help by opting-in to help in the development by providing training material and material to test the AI on. People and companies who help in training the AI naturally get credited for their help.

    There are of course lots of people-questions to this and those questions need to be identified by professionals of psychology and social sciences.